Education Franchise Industry Growth

Education Franchise Industry Growth

The education market segment has experienced a significant amount of growth over the past decade.  What has driven this expansion and why has the segment grown so significantly?  One factor would have to be to the recession we just endured and education having the wherewithal to withstand the drop in disposable income that comes with any economic hardship.  Families will always spend money on their children and are always willing to sacrifice other expenses in order to protect their children’s future.  With this growth in the industry space, the education franchise arena has expanded exponentially as well, which typically is the case…when a consumer market expands so does the franchise market segment.  There are many contributing factors as to why you’re seeing high growth in the education franchise area. Here are a few reasons you’ll find the education franchise model growing every year and looking to continue expansion into the company economic cycle.

More Education Services Available

One of the biggest factors in the growth being seen is the amount of service options available now. There are so many opportunities to provide needed education services for the many groups of students out there and a wide range of technologies which have been developed to address these needs. The services can be aimed at helping students with learning disabilities, tutoring those who are struggling in a particular area, or just centering on one specific demographic. There’s no doubt about it that the education industry has grown and the opportunity to help students succeed as grown with it. You can also add in the newest technology advancements and help students go even farther.

Several new education models are perfect examples of this scenario in practice:

Bricks 4 Kidz – over 400 franchises sold, education model with a focus on engineering and science - (

Autism Oasis – a new franchise model that addresses education to children with Autism

Mad Science Group – over 200 franchises sold, established franchise using edutainment to deliver education – (

Curie Learning – a new franchise model, based on lifestyle and methodology

STEMTree – a new franchise platform focusing on STEM learning and education – (

Even the traditional education franchises have made transitions recently to trend away from standard tutoring services into new age education processes to revitalize the brand and position the franchises for growth moving into the modern market place.

Sylvan Learning – Sylvan learning is an established tutoring franchise with over 800 units globally – (

Fun Models to Follow

Let’s face it. Education can be fun and exciting when you want it to be and it is a business that allows an entrepreneur to feel great about what they are doing while building a business, truly the best of both worlds when it comes to entrepreneurship. There are many models of education franchises out in the franchise marketplace that add fun to everyday lessons, use innovative learning techniques and fun methodology to help students grasp the concepts and do well.  Adding an element of fun into the learning process helps students of all ages to progress and move forward.

Lower Investment Models and Associated Business Costs

Typically, education franchise models come with a low cost attached to them due to the fact that many of them are home based or operate from a simple retail location. They are easier to get into with a lower barrier to entry and allow for a new entrepreneur get started and see a profit in a shorter time period with lower overhead.  These lower costs help to draw in future franchise owners to start them up and in turn, giving their communities a new way to help the next generation.

Fun Branding

When it comes to education, you’ll find that the branding is all about fun and excitement. Helping to develop a love of learning in children is what it’s all about. That means bright colors, fun shapes, and exciting slogans or catch phrases to draw in the younger audience. Adults and children alike love the fun branding choices and that makes this an even more fun business to be in.

Parents Will Pay for Education

When it comes to education, parents are going to pay whatever they have to and can to make sure their children get the best of the best. That means there’s always a need for education franchises and new places of learning to help a variety of children’s learning abilities. There will always be a need for assistance for those with learning disabilities, those with autism and those who just need a helping hand getting through a tough subject.

Education franchises are not only a great way to start your own business, they are a fantastic way of helping your community around you. Consider starting your own education franchise today and become a part of a fast growing profitable business of your own.

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