Char-Hut Franchise

Char-Hut is a recognized regional innovator in the specialty burger industry throughout Southern Florida.  Our reputation has been built on our service, amazing product quality, the customer experience, and commitment to creating a truly memorable experience for every customer who visits a Char-Hut location.  We do this by striving to provide the best customer service in the specialty burger industry and treating our customers like we would our own family members when they come to see us.  Char-Hut has built the company based on focusing on the specialty burger market in addition to differentiating itself as a true, family-based burger restaurant using natural, genuine specialty burger meat and products that are chosen to offer only the best tastes, smells, and experience for the customer.

Char-Hut Franchise 

Char-Hut provides highly successful business opportunities for QSR high-end burger operations and foodservice entrepreneurs and business professionals who would like to start a business in this thriving industry.  We are looking for motivated individuals interested in owning and operating a high volume, high margin specialty burger restaurant operation in their market.

Once a Char-Hut franchise is located, our senior staff becomes 100% committed to that individual location and store’s success.  When you join the Char-Hut family, we consider our senior staff’s accessibility and direct accountability to be good business for us simply because it is the only way we derive revenues, financial growth, and overall success for the brand.  We MUST make you successful as part of the Char-Hut family.

Char-Hut products and specialty cooking processes are in very high demand as more people are choosing to spend the extra dollars on higher quality food products and want more from their burgers than ever before.  According to US Foods,

“Burger consumption up considerably since 2009, with nearly half of today’s consumers, say they eat a burger at least once a week, compared with fewer than four out of 10 two years ago. This growth is seen across all restaurant segments. Out of all of the top entrée categories, burgers were represented by the greatest number of new items.

Quick-service value menus are certainly a big part of this increase in burger consumption. But the specialty burger craze has also driven growth despite — or perhaps even because of — the higher prices these burgers command. Quick-service chains have begun to respond to the growing demand for premium burgers.”

We provide customers with a comfortable and inviting environment along with menu items and product lines to create the perfect specialty burger experience.  Our franchisees will be successful due to our proven operational methods and effective marketing models.  Through superior training, technical guidance and in-territory support, we will help you in building your own Char-Hut business.


There is an incredible market all over the nation for quality natural specialty QSR burger companies that specialize in the authentic high-quality burger market and in providing professional, consistent service to the customer in a truly unique operating environment.  With the growing number of people who are choosing to have only the highest quality foods and burgers won’t settle for fast, cheap food options, Char-Hut has the answer.  There is a reason why Char-Hut has customers who have been coming to the restaurants for over three decades and know the Char-Hut name in all parts of the U.S. who order products on a regular basis – we care about the customer.  We serve our customers products that we know will bring them back into the restaurant…seems simple, but it works.  We also say hello, goodbye, please and thank you to customers when they come in…again, seems simple, but it works!  We spend the time to get to know the customers enabling us to build lasting relationships and to deliver the products and experience they want.

So why would you want to consider Char-Hut? 

  1. You can be in the foodservice business and still have a life.  The Char-Hut business model allows for a work-life balance that most restaurant or foodservice business owners just don’t have.
  2. Our franchise offers great potential profit margins.  Because the menu has been refined over decades of restaurant management, we are able to offer the customer great products at reasonable costs to you, this allows you to keep your gross margins higher.
  3. Owning our franchise will give you a sense of community.  By delivering the combination of experience, product quality, and relationship-focused customer service, you get to be a centerpiece of your community.
  4. We created successful systems and procedures so you can confidently run your franchise.  We’ve done all the legwork, so you don’t have to.  You can learn from our mistakes and successes and skip the learning curve in building your operation.

The strength of Char-Hut

Char-Hut is a QSR specialty burger restaurant that offers a wide selection of amazing burgers and food products at modest prices.  It is the perfect combination of family values and high-quality food with professional and consistent service to maximize an operating model that has been in business since 1976.  Our charming décor, convenient locations, and exceptional food have been attracting locals and tourists alike for years.  Let us show you how to create your own successful location!

As a family-owned-and-operated QSR Burger Restaurant, we care about the quality of our product and our reputation among our patrons, so we take pride in offering the most delicious specialty burger and product lines that customers can only find at Char-Hut.

Char-Hut Franchise Support services

From the very start, Char-Hut works closely with you providing you in days and weeks what it would take years to learn on your own.  Our effective management and business development systems place you on track as a superior food service provider in your market!

Our development program begins at Char-Hut headquarters in South Florida where we train you on everything you’ll need to build a solid foundation in the specialty burger business.  Additionally, we give you extensive ongoing training in your own location and market on effective and precise operational procedures.  Most importantly, our senior staff will personally stand by your side to assist you in implementing our proven methods for operations management, hiring procedures and regional business development through networking and direct interaction with community leadership and influential consumer groups in your area. We will teach you all the skills you need to build a strong regional and local presence for your business which translates to more business for your Char-Hut!

Char-Hut Franchising’s management team will be there every step of the way to support you with the comprehensive knowledge, training, and professional QSR Burger Restaurant management skills necessary to achieve your professional and personal goals.  Our support services will provide you with years of accumulated knowledge and expertise through the following individualized support elements:

  • Operations management and support
  • Senior staff onsite support
  • Direct business management
  • Corporate website management
  • SEO for your territory and location
  • Toll-free technical support
  • Networking with other system owners
  • Co-op marketing
  • Operations manuals
  • Technical data and forms
  • New prospect leads
  • Strategic vendor relationships

Frequently Asked Questions:

The following are common questions and answers pertaining to Char-Hut franchise opportunity.  Please review the Q&A below and feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have so that we may assist you in making a well-informed decision.


  • Char-Hut has defined and developed proven local, community-oriented marketing and business development systems.
  • Our web marketing and local advertising campaigns create loyal customers that produce high margin, and repeat business.
  • Our brand, business model, and community-oriented approach will help you develop your local market presence and community relationships that will support and build your business.


  • YES!  The Burger Market is growing consistently and has continued to do so since 2001.  According to QSR Magazine, “Ironically, some analysts believe the state of the economy is also helping to propel the better-burger trend into the next decade. In general, the quick-service industry endured a love-hate relationship with the recession, as the economy has forced consumers to trade down on their dining options (the love) while also curbing people’s desire to spend money on eating out (the hate). But when it comes to the burger, it may be the best of both worlds.”


  • The franchise fee for an Char-Hut Franchisee is $30,000
  • A second Char-Hut Franchisee territory is available at only $25,000 if purchased in conjunction with the initial territory.


  • No. Although restaurant and food service experience is a plus, Char-Hut will provide you with hands-on technical training at our training facility before you open your doors for business to teach you how to efficiently operate your QSR restaurant.
  • Char-Hut provides assistance during your restaurant opening and will work with you on an ongoing basis both in your territory through virtual support to develop a growing number of new business resources.

Does CHAR-HUT have branding in place for me?

  • Yes. Our Char-Hut signage, website, and brand program have been strategically designed to contribute to your restaurant’s business potential. Your branding plays an important role in maintaining your company’s presence and professionalism in your local market.  We have taken an established, family-oriented brand and created a cutting-edge, new-age look to Char-Hut’s look and feel.

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