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Your success starts when you explore our Cleaner4Less Franchise Opportunity. Cleaner4Less is one of the most unique dry cleaning opportunities that places ‘same day service’ and environmentally friendly practices all in a price range that is way below industry standards.

We have taken the ‘traditional’ out of dry cleaning and made our operations more efficient allowing for high volumes of garment cleaning while keeping superior quality. Plus, once you add in all the additional services a Cleaner4Less can offer, your business will turn a customer’s necessary chore into a welcome and easy way to handle all their garment cleaning needs.

Why does the Cleaner 4 Less Franchise Make So much Sense?

Our customers are anyone who is in need of dry cleaning and laundry services who wants high quality and fast turn-around for one low price. The dry cleaning industry is growing at 4% per year and is currently valued at $20 Billion according to the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute. Clothing manufacturers continue to make “dry clean only” apparel, so most people have many garments that need our services! The dry cleaning industry will be a necessity for everyone who buys household items and garments for years to come.

Not only are we in a service industry with unlimited potential, but we also pride ourselves in environmentally safe cleaning procedures and using equipment and solvents that are ahead of industry standards. The dry cleaning industry has been known to create environmental and health hazards due to the chemicals used in solvents. Already in a number of states, the Environmental Protection Agency has mandated requirements for dry cleaners to move away from using hazardous solvents such as perchloroethylene (perc) which are strong pollutants and carcinogenic. Within twenty years all states will have this mandate, however, most landlords and property management companies already will not rent to dry cleaning businesses if they use any of these hazardous solvents. No worries with us...we're perc-free! When you own a Cleaner4Less franchise, you will automatically be adhering to environmentally safe operational practices!

Capitalizing on a $20 Billion dry cleaning industry (Source: Dry Cleaning & Laundry Institute), Cleaner4Lesshas streamlined and evolved the average dry cleaning operation into an efficient and easy to operate a business. Our stores offer low-cost, same-day cleaning services and only use environmentally friendly solvents.

Every Cleaner4Less store is designed with high capacity machinery and technologies which allows us to process a very high volume of garments daily, including large household items, while most importantly, maintaining a superior level of quality! That means that a standard Cleaner4Less store can process in excess of 3000 garments and 1200 men’s shirts EACH day!

As a Cleaner4Less franchise, you will offer a variety of dry cleaning services including wet cleaning and pressing. Your services will be determined by the franchise model you choose, Express or Standard.

Our Express Model starts with an initial investment of $358,000 to $583,400 and is typically 2,000 to 2,500 square feet in size. Our Standard Model will offer the same fixed price per garment, dry cleaning services, and also offer full laundry services for an initial investment of $427,800 to $675,200 and is typically 2,700 to 4,000 square feet in size.

The Cleaners 4 Less Franchise has been designed to capitalize on a proven and duplicatable business model which offers value to the customer for a low price point utilizing green, eco-friendly cleaning practices in a profitable and system-oriented business model.  Cleaner 4 Less is currently looking for franchise partners in markets throughout the Eastern U.S.

Contact us for more information on the Cleaner 4 Less Franchise Opportunity:

800-610-0292 OR CONTACT US

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