Franchise Your Business: The New Years Resolution

The Holidays are coming to a close for 2011 and many of us will wonder what hit us as Christmas and the last of the celebrations come to completion.  The question now is what happens in 2012?  How do we as a business owner change our pace of growth and add that thing extra ingredient that was missing in 2011 to acheive the next level of growth and expansion?


In my ten years working in the franchise development field as a franchise consultant, franchisor and franchise manager, it has become clear that the first quarter of each year is consistently the busiest in franchising.  There is more activity, franchise sales, new businesses franchising and overall business throughout the franchise industry than during other times of the year.

Why is this the case?  People start the new year looking for change.  They see the coming year as a time of opportunity for them, their family, their lives and their businesses.  Professionals who have been working in a career for decades with boring or unfulfilling day to day responsibilities make the decision to do something about it and begin looking into starting their own business and taking control of their financial future.  People look for tax returns to help fund their investment in a new business, time off work and with the family reignites a sense of desire for being able to spend time with family and start to manage your own schedule.  The Holidays are a time of dreaming, vision and creative thought.  People have a chance to get out of their day to day "rat race" and start to think about big picture ideas.  One of these in many cases involves starting a new business.

This is where the world of franchising comes to play in many people's lives who have not operated or started a business of their own in the past.  They are in some cases overwhelmed by the idea of what it takes to start a new business and see franchising as the key to their successfully doing this.  With a franchisor's guidance, a proven business model and a brand that carries some value, they have the necessary assistance to be successful on their own.

Franchisors can benefit from this increase in entrepreneurial activity by having the right concept, packaging and offers that fit the current demand come spring time.  The average franchise lead generation site increases in traffic by more than 30% during the January-March time frame.  If a franchisor is putting a franchise concept in front of buyers during this time, they will inevitably receive more traffic and views than during other times of the year and as a result sell more franchises.

Businesses owners that are considering franchising and whether to franchise your business many times take this opportunity at the start of a new year and launch franchise programs, searching for new franchise partners to expand a proven business model into new markets and build market share.  By taking the opportunity of increased interest in entrepreneurialism during the start of the year, the increase in sales during a new franchise's launch can greatly increase the likelihood of widespread success for a franchisor.

Maybe this year is the year for you and your first step to building your future.  Franchising is merely a vehicle for growth;  As both the franchisee and the franchisor look to make 2012 a better year, possibly franchising is the key.

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