Garage Floor Coating was one of the innovators in the epoxy flooring and floor coating industry.  The company’s founder, Robert Hanson 1996 was one of the industry’s innovators and original creators when he perfected epoxy installation in a residential setting.  The flooring solutions were used for garages, walkways, doorsteps and other flooring solutions.  Mr. Hanson was a leader in the space due largely to his willingness to invest in research and dedication to finding solutions that would withstand the harsh climate of Arizona and offer the client a truly valuable flooring solution. 

Today, the industry has grown and matured in many ways due to Mr. Hanson’s work at its onset.  In 2006, the opportunity to grow the flooring business into new markets had presented itself and the market potential was clear.  GarageFloorCoatings decided to franchise the system and offer the model to third-party owners who could utilize the product line and proven installation model. 

 As the franchise system was launched, there were immediate success stories in markets across the countries and new entrepreneurs leveraged the proven business model and created new businesses in their local markets.  Franchisees were from all walks of life and had a wide degree of varying backgrounds.  As the network expanded to over 30 units, the need for strong operational, training and management systems became evident. 

In 2015, Garage Floor Coatings hired Franchise Marketing Systems to design, develop and implement a franchise development model to support the organization's growth and take advantage of the most recent market surge in flooring franchise models. 

 Franchise Marketing Systems worked with the organization to develop a market strategy, define the ideal franchise buyer and create a sales model that could effectively recruit new owners. 

As the buyer profile was refined, so too were the application processes with which the organization used to screen and identify which buyers would make the cut and which needed to be screened out of the sales process.  Franchise Marketing Systems worked with the leadership team to develop a franchise strategy, business plan and market review. 

 It was clear that the ideal independent owner would have sales and marketing skills along with some technical aptitude in order to learn and be able to replicate the high-quality flooring solutions that Garage Floor Coatings had become known for.  Good franchise buyers many times had been corporate layoff victims or people transitioning from corporate America but had some handy work skills and had done work on their own homes in the past. 

The right questioning and applications helped identify who these buyers were while marketing focused on the product and the beauty of the floors people would have the opportunity to design and build with the organization.  Franchise Discovery Days were held at the corporate offices in Arizona where the management team could thoroughly explain the differences between Garage

Floor Coatings as an industry leader and an innovator from other brands which had recently entered the flooring franchise market. 

Operational technology, management systems and new products which were easier to use, self-levelling and with fewer fail-points made the operational side of the business more appealing and easier to train.  The Discovery Days focused on hard on systems which made marketing and business development simpler with SEO, PPC and other digital ad campaigns.

Detailed metrics related to how business was generated in existing markets and what initiatives the corporate team had taken to leverage the national network helped make the sales process for new franchise candidates simple and easy to understand which translated to solid, new franchise acquisitions. 

Today, GarageFloorCoatings continues to be a market leader in the flooring franchise space with almost 40 operating territories along with a brand that stands for innovation and quality.   


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