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It has become obvious to me that the successful franchise systems and solid franchise investments for franchisees are not always the brand names you see on TV or see a celebrity endorsing. The failure rates for large, established franchise brands in certain cases are higher than startup franchises and don’t seem to provide any consistency from an investor’s standpoint. In my opinion, what makes franchising work is a true passion to help others and work with others held not only as a core philosophy by the franchisor, but in every facet of operating the franchise organization.

In 2015, we have seen many great brands sell their first franchises and begin what looks like a long-term track towards consistent growth and new market expansion through franchising. These systems, although virtually unknown outside of their local markets have developed concrete support models, selected only the finest operators and ultimately delivered strong investment opportunities to new franchisees;

FMS Client List:

Bloomin Blinds A blind installation and repair company based in Dallas, Texas has sold the first six franchises in 2015 and already has franchisees performing above what unit projections had assumed. Intensive training, a consistent marketing effort and leadership that believes in the relationship have proven effective for the company.

LifeLine Repairs Which provides mobile technology repair through a retail service model has sold the company’s 24th franchise unit. Supply-side distribution, marketing, operating technology and improved branding are some of the investments this franchisor has and continues to make.

eMaids Even in a crowded and competitive market space, eMaids has been able to sell the company’s first 4 franchises in 2015. The management team has shown a commitment to continue investing in technology and a lead generation program that has proven to work in four new states.

The Lost Cajun If you haven’t heard of this brand, you most likely will in the near future, The Lost Cajun has successfully launched a Cajun, fast-casual franchise brand with the addition of 8 franchise units in 2015.

Brakes for Less The brake repair and automotive services franchise has sold the 13th unit franchise and first 2 Master Franchises in 2015.

The Salt Suite A completely new and innovative market space has been created by The Salt Suite and in 2015 the organization has sold its first 2 franchises bringing the total units to 4.

Splash and Dash For Dogs The brand has in 2015 sold its 18th franchise and continues to redefine the pet services market with a simple, sustainable, and membership-based service platform.

Senior Care Authority the senior placement services franchise has sold its 14th franchise in 2015.

Blue Moon Estate Sales The estate sales industry is growing and with that a need for systems, structure and brand are right with it, Blue Moon has sold its 12th franchise in 2015 and is growing into new markets across the U.S.

Executive Care The in home senior care group has sold the company’s 11th franchise in 2015 and continues to expand.

Postal Connections The packing, shipping, and printing franchise has sold the 41st franchise in 2015 and invested heavily into the company’s sister brand, iSold It which was relaunched in 2015 through the franchise network.

Capital Business Solutions The business brokerage and services brand has sold the company’s 11th franchise in 2015.

Bayside Lemonade The lemonade and beverage distribution franchise has sold the first 3 franchise units in 2015.

The Middle Spoon The Canadian franchisor has sold the first two franchises for the desert and cocktail lounge franchise in 2015.

Montessori Kids Universe The Montessori school franchise has sold the first two units and first Master Franchise in 2015 for the brand.

The Haven The custom nursing home franchise has sold the company’s first 5 franchise units in 2015 and expanded in and throughout the North Carolina market.

New Again Carpet Cleaning The residential and commercial carpet cleaning brand has sold the first two franchises in 2015.

LovJuice The juicing and smoothie franchise has sold it’s first two franchises in 2015.

DRIM Properties The property management and real estate sales brand has sold the 13th franchise in 2015 and defined the market space for this niche segment in franchising.

Tin Fish The fast casual seafood restaurant has sold it’s 12th unit and first franchise in 2015.

Dr. Quinn’s Weight Loss The innovative weight loss services brand has sold the first two franchises in 2015.

Papa Ray’s Pizza The pizza franchise has sold it’s first two franchises in 2015.

Cocktail Wax The waxing and beauty salon franchise sold it’s first franchise in 2015.

Vital Restoration The water and fire restoration franchise has sold it’s first two franchises in 2015.

The Computer Hero The computer repair and IT services organization has sold it’s first franchise in 2015.

VGE Cafe The vegetarian cafe brand sold it's first franchise in 2015.

Best Choice Window Cleaning - The window cleaning franchise sold it's first franchise in 2015.

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