HippoHopp Franchise Opportunity

Why a HippoHopp franchise?

It’s time to get your share in this 27 Billion dollar Children’s Fitness/Entertainment industry. This is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to your community and offer the youth a positive life-changing experience. Parents are raving about the health benefits and social interaction our program provides, because it allows their children a break from the isolating effects of today’s technology. The ever-booming fitness industry integrated with the ever-profitable child entertainment industry, really allows us to be the influential front-runners of our segment. Franchisees have the ability to shape their own financial future depending on depth of their efforts and receive support from HippoHopp management whenever its needed.



About HippoHopp

HippoHopp is a fun, effective and strategically positioned innovator in the Children’s Entertainment Services industry – Offering a fun, yet healthy and eco-friendly experience that today’s parents demand.

Created by Wendy and Rashid Syed, HippoHopp is the Atlanta area’s truly premier green indoor playground and birthday party center for children up to age 12. The HippoHopp indoor playground includes: obstacle courses, slides, inflatables, air hockey, basketball hoops, giant building blocks, play houses, ride-on toys, bouncing balls of all sizes, free games and more, plus—lots and lots of space and other kids to connect and socialize with each other.  Most importantly, HippoHopp is a place where the kids can go to be active and get all the benefits of exercise (sorry no video games!) but have tons of fun at the same time! HippoHopp wants parents to enjoy their time at HippoHopp as well! There is comfortable seating, great magazines, free Wi-Fi, and a big TV to watch the game.

HippoHopp is also committed to renewable and sustainable business methods and is devoted to recycle, reuse, and reduce wherever and whenever possible. Guests will find receptacles for all types of recyclable materials at the facilities and only non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products are used.  Additionally, each facility will be painted with non-voc paint as a replication of the existing unit in Atlanta.



One of the benefits of being an early franchise adopter is choosing your exclusive territory. Certain territories offer competitive advantages in the franchise sales and marketing environment & HippoHopp is giving you the ability to select your own city or region that will be documented as your defined area.

HippoHop Franchise

Ideal Owner

Our years of experience have shown that some key characteristics support HippoHopp success:

You are passionate about fun, fitness, healthy food and a green-clean environment for children.

You and your staff will work with children, families and caregivers in a patient, energetic, enthusiastic manner.

You inspire, lead and will be a champion of the HippoHopp brand, making a positive difference for all you serve.

You will commit to growing your business to its best asset potential and value!


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We can’t wait to hear from you! Contact us to see if you qualify to own a HippoHop Today!

Call 800-610-0292

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