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FMS is a full service franchise development firm representing and working with franchise organizations throughout the U.S. and around the world.  In marketing franchise concepts, many times, the opportunity and candidate comes forward for a particular brand and business model where a Master Franchise Model or Area Developer Franchise makes an appropriate fit.  Particularly with new franchise concepts, the opportunity arises with interested buyers who would like to get involved in a franchise in a big way to present a Master Franchise model.  Many franchise systems have expanded very quickly using the Master Franchise model including Massage Envy, Subway, KFC and European Wax Centers.

The benefits of a Master Franchise model are many and include the following:

  • More Aggressive Growth - Master Franchising allows a franchise system to speed up overall growth much more aggressively.  The Master Franchisee will open units in their area either owned by them or sold to sub-franchisees under their management and oversight.
  • A franchisor has essentially duplicated efforts in replicating the marketing, lead generation and new unit acquisition and the Master
  • Franchisee has now been able to invest in the franchise model on a more aggressive scale.  Many times, a franchise investory will want to get involved in a franchise organization on a larger scale than just a single operating unit, Master Franchising offers the investor an opportunity to get involved in a larger way without any equity in the corporate business changing hands.
  • Scale - Master Franchise Growth is the most aggressive form of an already aggressive expansion model, it can be truly exponential growth for a brand.

What brands have experienced Master Franchise Growth with Franchise Marketing Systems:

  • Mosquito Terminators - Alabama, Puerto Rico and Texas
  • Bungobox - Canada
  • Restoration 1 - Canada
  • Junk King - Texas
  • Flower Tent - New York, Atlanta, GA

Master Franchising is not a model that works for everyone or every franchise system.  Certain models can be scaled through master franchises or area development franchises while others do not - let us help you decide if your company is ready for a master franchise model.

For more information on how to develop a Master Franchise model or how to Franchise Your Business, contact us: 


[email protected]

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