SpaSocial Franchise Opportunity

SpaSocial is an effortless merging of two explosively popular trends of social connection, and health and beauty. The mission of SpaSocial is to be a one-stop shop for parties as well as one membership-based facility that has multiple services all in one place, including massage, skincare, nails, waxing, med services, makeup, blowouts and more!

The SPA Industry Is Exploding with Growth – Generating 14 Billion in Revenue! (ISPA)

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SpaSocial Franchise

Our extended services include Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room treatments and spa private party rooms for large groups. Clients enjoy spending time with their guests in a relaxed setting of elegantly patterned and plush textured fabrics, all while sipping on a glass of sparkling champagne.

Our sunset-toned lights, marble floors and tropical scented surroundings create visuals parallel to that of a resort. Our customers leave with a positive experience our staff provides while rejoicing in the sensation of feeling revitalized.


When it comes to SOCIAL recognition, SpaSocial has been listed in 3 national industry publications. American Spa featured the brand on their cover, while Day Spa Magazine and LNE & SPA wrote articles that displayed SpaSocial's business concept to their readers.

In comparison, our presence in the local scene is a noticeable one and has gained the attention of multiple magazines throughout Houston and Austin Texas. We have won several awards for best Spa, in and outside of our territories and we continue to attract attention from numerous media outlets.

SpaSocial Investment

SpaSocial is highly recognized in the Health/Beauty industry for its time and reputation built through service. When investing in a franchise, it is important to invest in a name that has brand recognition and a distinguished system.

We offer training programs & ongoing support for all of our franchisees to help grow their business. We offer support in marketing, accounting, legal and even assist in day-to-day operational activities if needed.

Our training programs are thorough and will give you all the tools necessary for running a successful SpaSocial franchise.

SpaSocial Franchise

SpaSocial exclusive territories are one of the key benefits we offer and are only available to you as an early franchisee. Certain territories can offer a competitive advantage in the franchise sales/marketing environment and we’d encourage you to contact us immediately to see what areas are still available.

Territories will be based on a population in a specific market as well as a geographical radius. There may be other factors that account for the number of homes in the area, median household income, proximity to potential septic customers, the existence of competition, etc.

The exclusivity will be defined such that no other franchisees will be permitted to open or advertise in that market.

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