Communication Tips from the Best Franchise Companies

It should go without saying that the strongest franchise companies are those who know how to communicate effectively. Not all franchise companies started out this way though. If you feel like your franchise development isn’t going as quickly or well as you thought it would, it may be because your communication isn’t as strong as it could be. If you’re looking for ways to improve the communication in your franchise companies, evaluate the following in your company and see where you stand:

Are You Honest in Your Communications?

Franchise companies who are direct and honest in their communication have a stronger relationship with their clients and their business partners. If you find that you’re receiving a lot of backlashes, anger, or a lack of cooperation from your staff, you may want to try being more honest with them. Honesty does not include just being a flat-out jerk. Be respectful, but frank, and you will see a change in those you are talking to.

Do You Include Body Language in Your Communicating?

Body language is an incredibly important part of communication that many tend to neglect. The body can say things you may be thinking or it may send mixed messages to those you are talking to. Crossed arms say you’re closed off and can distort the meaning of what you’re saying. To improve communication in your franchise companies, examine your body language and figure out how what you’re doing can enhance what you’re saying.

Do You Speak with Authority?

If you’re the owner of franchise companies, the franchisor, or on a boss level of any kind, it’s important that you speak with the authority of your position. If you do not, you can come off as wishy-washy, weak, or otherwise someone that doesn’t have to be listened to. This can lower group morale, consistency, and overall ability to work together.

Do You Know Who You’re Talking To?

To strengthen communication you must observe who your audience is whether they’re customers, business partners, or employees. Your franchise companies will be flooded with a bunch of different people and personality types that should be taken into consideration. However, those little changes should be woven into the overall way you speak to a specific, generalized audience. The authority in your voice should work with the relationship that you’re approaching. Your audience will know immediately if what you’re saying is not meant for them.

Do You Respect the Individuals?

In most working environments, the key to strong communication is respecting the individual. With that said, groups should be spoken to as individuals because that’s what they are. It’s much harder for leaders of any kind to speak one-on-one with anyone because of how many people there often are, so some alternative has to be thought up. This is where speaking to the group as an individual comes in. This way you are able to respect everyone in your franchise companies while saving time.

Do You Seek Personal Improvement and Admit When You’re Wrong?

It’s tough to be at the top of the ladder and say you made a mistake. Everyone in your franchise companies is looking up to you like you’re some sort of god and if you make a mistake, you may worry about losing respect. However, franchisees, customers, and business partners respect leaders who can admit when things are their fault and use those moments as growing experiences. If “I’m sorry,” and “It was my fault,” aren’t in your vocabulary, it may be time to change that.

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