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Any small business owner can attest to how much work goes into running and building a business.  There is a lot of juggling, one hundred fifty hour weeks and lots....I mean lots of "No's".  I had always thought that people who willingly chose to start a restaurant must be out for self-inflicted pain of some kind.  I knew how much work, time, energy and effort went into building a successful food service operation, now I realize that this same comment works for anyone who starts a small business....I think you need to have a bit of a screw loose!  There is more work involved in doing this correctly than anyone could dream of.  The question is, why do people take the route of entrepreneurialism if there is so much work and difficulty involved in launching a business successfully?


There are many reasons why people start businesses, the obvious ones are in the news every day, money, fame, fortunes and power all come to mind.  We read about amazing accomplishments by entrepreneurs every day, Groupon, Facebook, McDonald's and other success stories create visions in all small business owner's heads of what is possible if things go right.  Having spent the past ten years working with thousands of business owners to develop more successful businesses, I have felt that there is another reason that people start their own endeavor.

People have an inner desire to feel needed and important, that is common for everyone even at very early stages in life.  When we enter the work force and take on a job with a corporation and have a very structured, defined professional life, it can sometimes be easy to lose that feeling of importance.  I beleive that people start their own business because they want to have the feeling of accomplishment.  There is no better or more obvious benefit to small business ownership than the reward of accomplishment.  Every day that the doors open for business and customers walk in is a day that something was accomplished.  When a year is finished with some sales growth or an award is given to the company by a local chamber of commerce these are BIG accomplishments.

I beleive that everyone has a need and desire to feel the reward of accomplishment which is why small business ownership is the best thing not only for individuals, but also for the global economy.  When people have the opportunity to go into business for themselves they are empowered to create and develop new and efficient ways to create jobs, wealth and everything great that comes out of capitalism.  So why should people put up with the stress, intensity and ruthlessness of starting a small business?  Because it's worth every bit of it.

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