Advantages to Buying a Construction Services System Franchise

Advantages of Joining a Construction Services System - Never Paint Again

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - FMS CanadaFor those of you currently operating a construction or contracting services business, do you ever get that feeling that you are all alone, in business for yourself and by yourself? Do you ever feel that when you need advice or have some important decisions to make, you don't have any other sources to turn too?  If that is the case, a "licensed system" or "franchised business" may just be the answer for you.

One specific theme in "owning" a license is you are "in business for yourself, not by yourself". What licensing can mean is a network of independent business people who will share a brand name, a way of doing business (uniformly), and a proven marketing system.

One out of every three dollars currently spent in the U.S. for goods and services is spent in licensed/franchised businesses. It's quite simply the leading way of doing business in the last century and will be in this century as well. Franchising and licensing has been successful because we as consumers are brand loyal and brand driven. We will always be that way as long as that product or service is delivered to us the same way, no matter what, no matter where.

Some advantages of owning a license include:

The experience of the licensor and the system

1.       The ability of the licensee to be trained, and learn all the aspects of the business

2.       Buying power

3.       Advertising, brand building and reduced advertising costs

4.       New product development and introduction

5.       Synergy—fellow licensees work together for the good of a system. The most effective new ideas may come from existing licensees.

6.       Other advantages of a license compared to going into business for yourself include the ability to open up units faster, the development of a customer base, taking less risk, and being more profitable.

So, what does it mean to be a license? It means that you must accept running your own business according to someone else's plan and not feeling the need to do it "your own way". The licensor already should have a successful track record with existing units and established licensees. In fact, you should contact existing licensees before investing in any license.

You will face some challenges and responsibilities when you "own" your license. First and foremost, you must work within the system. You must conform to policy and procedure as set by the franchisor. The risk, while less then starting your own business, is nonetheless a risk. Don't have false expectations; there is no instant success rule. It still takes hard work, long hours, time and effort no matter what kind of business you are in.

For more information on how to franchise a contractor or painting service business, contact us:  800-610-0292.

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