Eximius Mobile Services Franchise

Eximius Mobile Services began from humble beginnings in Australia as Express Mobile Services in 2009, quickly becoming one of the fastest growing franchising organizations in Australia.

Eximius is offering a franchise special:

If you don't earn $800 per week in your first four weeks, we will pay you the difference.  That's our commitment to you!

Express Mobile Services expanded to the United States of America in 2014 changing its name along the way to better suit the American Market. The organization has based its success on the basic principle – offering quality, low entry cost mobile services franchises, not making a huge profit on the sale. This innovative business model allows the foundations of a solid group of driven and inspired individuals, running profitable businesses. The low entry cost of an Eximius Mobile Services franchise, does not, in any way, lessen the earning potential of the franchisee. In fact, the lack of a large bank loan to repay, allows more profit to go to the franchisee.

This Franchise offers a wide range of services out of one single, home-based business structure.  Services include:

  • Lawn Services
  • Pet Washing
  • Auto Detailing
  • Commercial and Residential Cleaning
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Property Management

Express Mobile Services found quick success, after launching the first franchise publicly available in 2010, discovering a notable market in the mobile services industry, and developing the wide range of mobile services franchises available today.

This success is owed fully to the simple premise the company operates by: a modest job done remarkably well; a low-cost franchise that is reasonable and affordable; and a franchise arrangement that allows driven people to run their own businesses.

Eximius Mobile Services aims to ensure the best customer service to the widest range of consumers, at inexpensive prices through a team of driven, positive franchisees.

The unique franchising model Eximius operates under, prides itself on ensuring franchisees are fully supported in the success of their business. This support includes thorough training, revision programs, seminars, and ongoing customer liaison. This ensures we are able to get franchisees the best outcomes for their business.

Our company upholds a policy of honesty and integrity. Pride ourselves on ensuring any issues that arise are dealt with in a timely and considerate manner in order to maintain harmony between all parties involved.

Why pay $20,000 - $90,000+ for a mobile services franchise when you can pay just $5,950 in total?!

Choose your own hours
Work part-time or full time
Operate your business in close proximity to your home
We provide everything you need to start your own business successfully
We offer initial customers
Continuing advertising and promotions are provided
Receive extensive, persistent support and assistance

Franchise Training and Support:

As an Eximius Mobile Services franchisee, you will undergoextensive on-the-job and in-house training, with our hand-picked trainers who have a thorough understanding of their specialized services and small business expertise.

Initial training is held at our United States Head Office in Austin Texas, this involves one full working week, Monday to Friday. If you are from another State, we will even fly you here and accommodate you, as part of the initial cost of your franchise.

Your training consists of 5 main parts:

  • Essentials for Success
    Running a successful business, promotions and marketing, the importance of customer service, and setting goals.
  • EMS Online
    Eximius Mobile Services unique intranet to assist with running your business, including booking clients, invoicing, operations diaries, managing time and much more
  • Product Knowledge
    Explanation of all equipment, products, health and safety and product data sheets
  • On-Site Training
    Training on-the-job with professional, highly experienced franchisees.
  • Training Checklist
    A thorough review of your training, ensures you are confident to start your business. We believe in supporting you in your success. If you feel further training is needed, it is available to you on request. We also provide regular meetings, workshops and demonstrations to provide you with up-to-date information.

Benefits to the Eximius Mobile Services Franchise:

  • Owning your own business gives you the ability to live the lifestyle you want while also being able to control your income. Owning a franchise allows you to take some of the stress out of starting up and maintaining your business, offering you full training, support and backup.
  • One of the great advantages of an Eximius Mobile Services franchise is that the business operates from very little overhead and do not require high levels of experience. All the initial equipment and training you need to start operating your business is provided.
  • Operating your business from your own vehicle eliminates expensive overheads and therefore increases profit potential.
  • Another benefit of working in the services industry is the ability to evolve work in one location, resulting in earning potential growing, while traveling costs are reduced.
  • Leisure time has become one of the most prominently recognized needs for society today. A desire for more leisure time means a need to hire someone to take care of these everyday tasks to free up time for leisure activities. Therefore Eximius Mobile Services operate within a huge market. Offering the customer not only a service but the opportunity to spend more time doing what they want.
  • Your life becomes your own. You are able to work the hours you want, when you want. Your territory can be taken care of, should you become ill or wish to take some time off.
  • The same benefits of running an independent business apply to franchisees, including tax benefits. Many deductions are available to you, including phone costs, stationery, rent, and car payments. It is recommended that you consult an accountant to find out which of these benefits you are entitled to.
  • As a franchisee, you have access to savings on operating materials, as resources are pooled by our organization to ensure your business is as cost-effective as possible.

For more information on the Eximius Mobile Services Franchise, CONTACT US. 

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