Franchise Your Business in 2011 - Success Stories

Franchise Marketing Systems Clients Continue to Set the Bar for System Growth in 2011. 


As the trend away from big business, corporate America continues across the country, more and more individuals are choosing the freedom of entrepreneurial routes that allow for them to build their own future in a business where they call the shots.  Franchising allows for this transition from an employee to a business owner with the support and guidance from a proven mentor and team of professionals in the franchisor.  Franchise Marketing Systems clients have seen this growth directly during the past year.

The Weave Shop – The fastest growing African American Hair Care business in the Country continues to expand into new States.  This time it’s North Carolina with two locations in Charlotte, NC.  Two strong franchise partners have just joined the franchise system to take the brand into the Charlotte Market.  The Atlanta stores have just recently formed the Atlanta franchise Co-op which will allow them to advertise as a group and the new candidates continue to come to the franchise system on a daily basis looking to join the growing brand.

Ink Ur Body Tattoo Salons have gotten off to a quick start.  One month into franchising and the franchisor has signed two franchise partners to open locations in the New Jersey market.  Ink Ur Body has developed a unique and systemized business model to deliver clean, professional and high end tattoo services to customers.

Caring Matters Home Care continues to grow at an enormous pace.  The In-Home care provider has been offering franchises for nine months and has added eight franchise partners to the organization in that time.  Caring Matters is unique in the In-Home Care business in that they focus on government funded home care services that focus specifically on people who are underserved.  New franchise partners are located in key markets in the Northeastern and Midwestern U.S.  This past week, the company held the first franchise meeting with all franchisees in attendance in Baltimore, MD.

Flower Tent recently held its third annual franchise convention in Wyoming, PA during October.  In attendance, there were over 60 franchisees, strategic partners and other team members.  Flower Tent had 57 tents in operation in 2011 and has already signed on an additional 10 tents this year.  The organization is aiming to have between 75 and 100 tents in operation in 2012.

Rollin To Go Italian Deli has recently opened the third licensed store in Bergen County, New Jersey.  The store is owned and operated by a team of professional investors who saw the opportunity in the growing fast casual field for high end sandwiches and fast casual dining.  The license partner in New Jersey is aiming to open ten stores in the New Jersey market.

CFO Systems has recently added its second license partner.  The Omaha based financial leadership services group has added license partners in the West Texas market and now in the San Francisco markets.  By providing premium, high-end outsourced financial leadership services to organizations, the CFO Systems business has grown enormously over the past five years.

DJ’s Couture has recently signed its first licensed partner in the Washington D.C. market opening up a great region to the music entertainment services that the company delivers so effectively.  The company is in discussions to open locations in Orlando, FL and Gainesville, FL as well with qualified license partners.

Ducerus College Planning Specialists has recently signed on a new franchise partner in the Orange County, California market.

PHWS signed a new franchise partner in the North Dakota market to take advantage of the booming housing growth taking place with the shale development there.

Midway Tax Service has signed on two new franchise partners for the 2012 season who will open an additional 3-5 stores in the St. Louis and Atlanta markets.

Mosquito Terminators has had three new franchise partners join the organization over the past two months.  These partners are based from the Midwest to the Northeastern United States and are slated to open an additional 3 to 5 territories for the 2012 season.

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