Franchise Your Business, What does it Mean?

Owning your own business is both rewarding and challenging.  If you've had the good fortune of building a successful one, you have realized one of the most fulfilling and significant accomplishments in the world.  Business ownership is is the ultimate form of accountability, empowerment and opportunity.  There are many business owners in the world who are great entrepreneurs.  They build fortunes with their salesmanship, creative approaches to problem solving and positive energy and are typically full of charisma....America was built by people with this amazing ability to create markets and build wealth for themselves.


There are many entrepreneurs that fit this description, but there are far less who take the next step in the evolution of their business and truly scale.  Scale is the ultimate form of leadership, it is the replication of a business system that is proven to work regardless of whether it's founder is operating the local business or not.  It is the proof that systems, a concept and a business model are what makes a company successful and not just the hard work of it's founder.  This is what the Ray Kroc, Steve Jobs and Colonel Sanders of the world have done.  They have built empires by furthering their creations through the empowerment of others.  These are true leaders.....we build monuments to these business leaders and fit to get brief moments of their attention.

Franchising a business is the most proven and effective tool to accomplish this.  It is the weapon that business owners have used for over one hundred years to combine the entrepreneurial energy of franchisees with a proven business system from the franchisor to accomplish building scale.  Employees don't have the passion for what they do that an owner does....that's why they have chosen to work for someone else.  Offering equity in a business sells your soul and part of your vision to another who now has control and time is always ticking on what you can accomplish in building your business, brand and legacy.  Franchising answers all of these questions with a proven, effective and timely solution for market expansion and scale.

Franchising isn't for everyone.  Some enjoy being in control of everything that happens in their business and "digging the ditches" every day.  This is okay, there is plenty of room for ALL of us to be entrepreneurs and build successful businesses for ourselves.  But for those who want something bigger, who want to empower others and truly leave a mark behind, franchising might be the strategy and vehicle to accomplish your vision.

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