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Lightning strikes. The fridge grows quiet, the wi-fi is out, and the screens go black. What now? Generator Supercenter is the answer. The company, launched in 2008, is the #1 dealer of Generac generators in North America. The brand differentiated itself from others in the market by using only high-quality equipment, trusted installation processes, and dependable repair and maintenance services. In recent years with significant weather circumstances with hurricanes, blackouts and floods, consumer demand for backup power sources has grown significantly and expanded the residential and commercial generator market by leaps and bounds.  With the growing market trends, Generator Supercenter has experienced explosive growth corporately and realized that the market was larger than what could be handled with only company-owned locations.  With this, the company began to franchise the brand to scale into new markets.  

More than just convenience, back-up generators are key to peace of mind and safety for specific populations of the U.S. Medically fragile persons, such as those who are dependent on breathing machines, suction, home dialysis, powered wheelchairs, or oxygen, experience an emergency in what others see as a mere inconvenience. Generators, like the Generac brand found at Generator Supercenter, serve as a life line during power surges, weather events, and human error. Businesses benefit from the investment in back-up generators, securing their information, their business, and their future. Power outages can potentially destroy valuable business data and cause catastrophic damage to your operation. Through the franchise expansion of the Generator Supercenter, more people can sleep well and leave their businesses at the end of the day, knowing they are doing the very best thing for the company and their families. 

Generator Supercenter hired Franchise Marketing Systems in 2017 to organize the model and prepare the brand for franchising. Franchise Marketing Systems worked closely with the leadership and executives to create the franchise strategy, operations, training and marketing platforms to be used in executing the franchise model.  Over the course of a six month process and along with outside franchise legal counsel, a structured platform was put in place and defined that allowed the brand to begin the franchise campaign.  In the first two years, Generator Supercenter has developed 100 franchises and been able to scale into new markets around the country.

Today, Generator Supercenter is poised to be a market leader in the space and has effectively captured the market segment for the generator retail and service market.  With continued operational focus and strong franchise management, GSC has an incredible market opportunity to capture an entire industry segment.

For more information on how to franchise a retail brand, contact Franchise Marketing Systems:  [email protected] 

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