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The home-based business segment of the franchise industry is strong and growing over the past decade. In 2016, the New York Times reported that over 43 per cent of the U.S. workforce worked from home at least part of the time. Further still, the Small Business Administration reported that around 50% of small businesses are home-based.

EventPrep is a full-service meeting planning and event prep company with headquarters located in Central Florida and was founded by military veterans, the business began as a large-scale corporate and government event planning organization. With the trend toward home-based businesses and an obvious opportunity to serve the smaller corporate event planning market. 

In 2016, Steve Davis and Paul Trapp, the founders of EventPrep and visionaries behind the brand hired Franchise Marketing Systems in order to develop and start the event planning franchise system efficiently. Together, with third-party franchise law firms, EventPrep and Franchise Marketing Systems developed the FDD, worked with the franchise registration states, developed the franchise business plan, wrote and structured the franchise operations manual, and created the initial marketing collateral.  Franchise Marketing Systems oversaw and supported new franchise recruitment and sales efforts and today, EventPrep has over 17 successful franchises in operation in less than two years of operation. 

Some of the compelling elements which supported efficient growth and effective scale of the organization was a Quick Start Program which leveraged national relationships and strategic accounts to help initial franchisees successfully build their businesses quickly.  In addition, as a company founded by Veterans of the United States Armed Forces, the company offered strong incentives to U.S. veteran candidates.  The franchise model for EventPrep allows for an individual franchisee to work within the brand while maintaining very little overhead and zero staff. EventPrep’s services include registration services, site selection, event planning, and housing management, making the company a one-stop shop for businesses. Franchisees enjoy the flexibility of project-based work and can depend on the support, training, and consultation services provided through the franchise model.   

One of the things that makes the EventPrep franchise model so incredible is the flexibility and lifestyle it offers its franchisees. Professionals who were once overworked, underpaid, and under-appreciated can now “fire their boss”, as EventPrep says, and can work with the flexibility from home that their schedule allows. The market for event planning and the opportunity for expansion of the service platform is large and generally underserved.  With strong, consistent franchise representation in new markets, EventPrep is positioned well to establish the brand as a market leader in event planning work.  For more information on how to franchise an event planning service business, contact us.

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