Grow Your Franchise With These 7 Expert Tips

Franchising your business offers many benefits, and the opportunity for rapid growth is one of the front runners. With the ability to scale and expand your business quickly without the need for control over every detail, you can franchise your business and grow into a successful powerhouse. As you expand your business into multiple communities, you recruit, educate, and trust franchisees to become a large part of your expansion journey. 

The franchise model provides the framework to grow your business, as it details an almost formulaic, but flexible structure for expansion. As you adapt your business to the franchise model, you want to follow these tips from our expert franchise consultants to create a truly successful, valuable experience for your customers, clients, and franchisees. 

  1. Establish a Clear Business Model
  2. Create Quality Resources
  3. Focus on Education
  4. Listen to Your Franchisees
  5. Create an Alluring, Valuable Opportunity
  6. Stay Consistent with Your Brand
  7. Work with Expert Franchise Consultants

1. Establish a Clear Business Model 

First things first, you need a clear vision with a proven business model. Your business model will frame the way franchisees will tackle all aspects of their business, from operations to management. Before you franchise your business, you should already be successful. Once you choose to franchise, you need to adapt your already-proven business practices into a scalable, easy-to-replicate structure that anyone can follow. 

Consider ways to innovate your industry and carve a reputable and easily memorable niche for your business as it grows. Hone in on what you do best to offer value to both your franchisees and customers.

2. Create Quality Resources

Setting your franchisees on a path toward success is critical to your overall success as a franchisor. Take the time to consider important resources that you need to train and educate your recruits and their employees. As a business owner ready to franchise, you already know the ins and outs of your business, but it is up to you to pass on this knowledge to allow others to follow you down that path. 

Creating resources is an integral part of the collaborative process between franchisees and franchisors, so it is important to work, and possibly rework, these resources to motivate and inform others. Consider creating documents to help standardize the process as your business grows to multiple locations, such as:

  • How-to Guides
  • On-demand Video Tutorials
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Training Manuals
  • Case Studies
  • Inventory Guides

When you create resources, you give answers to many of the questions that franchisees may have as they go to open their own locations. Not only will this give them insight into your solutions, but it will also be a more efficient use of your time.

3. Focus on Education 

Your franchise opportunity is appealing because it removes some of the risk of business ownership with an established, proven model. Franchisees jump on board because they are excited to learn how to take what you have started and create their own successes from it. Because of this value, training should be a primary focus when it comes to your franchisees. 

Prepare franchisees by offering valuable, comprehensive training programs, holding ongoing workshops to keep everyone updated, and performing routine check-ins to ensure they are on the right track. When you franchise your business, you may give up some control over each detail of your business, but you take on a new, instructional role.

4: Listen to Your Franchisees

When you take on the role of a franchisor, you may take a backseat to deal with customers in order to meet the new demands your franchisees require. This is a natural part of the process, as you are making the transition from working in the business to working on the business. Listening to your franchisees gives you a chance to provide them with the tools and resources they need to then deliver and maintain the original customer focus. Take the time to understand their needs so that you can all succeed together.

5. Create an Alluring, Valuable Opportunity

To generate interest in your franchise, you need to create a business that offers value to your investors. When you ask others to invest their hard-earned money into your business, you need to take into account how you can support them and provide unique value to their lives. 

Creating a reputable business is just the first step to adding value to the opportunity you offer. You should also showcase how you can support them through their journey, create a business mission to align with and explore ways to innovate and exceed expectations in your industry. 

To offer value, consider offering competitive and fair pricing to start their franchise journey. Talk with franchisees to offer support and assistance with practices like software and inventory. When you collaborate with your franchisees, you can understand their needs and provide them with direct support with what they truly need - not just in the beginning, but anytime throughout their journey.

6. Stay Consistent with Your Brand

Marketing is another large aspect of your franchise's success. Creating brand continuity is essential in bringing customers back to your locations, no matter where they are. When people see your brand, they should know to expect the best. To create brand continuity, you will need to adhere to high standards of excellence and quality assurance when building your franchise. Train recruits to understand the expectations of your products and services to achieve this consistency. 

Customers love supporting franchises because they know what to expect. They have been here before, had a great experience, and expect that same treatment at their next visit. Creating loyal customers depends on consistency and reputation. Although you want your franchisees to feel comfortable trying new things and spreading the word in their local community in their own ways, you need to set clear expectations on the quality and service you expect.

7. Work with Expert Franchise Consultants

Once you have a successful business, you may be ready to expand your business with franchising. Creating resources, recruiting the right people to join your venture, and establishing a consistent brand within your industry can all be more difficult when you start to replicate your business in multiple locations. To work through any difficulties associated with franchising your business, you may want to work with franchise consultants. 


Our team has extensive experience building large brands, creating scalable business models, and recruiting and training franchisees to help you grow and franchise your business. Consultants have the answers to those questions that you may be struggling with as you learn the franchising framework.

Let the FMS Franchise help you through every step of your franchising journey! To learn more about our experience and services, get in touch.

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