Hearts That Matter Franchise

A Home Care Business That Put’s The Client First.

Special Financing Programs Available NOW for Qualified Buyers - Don’t Miss out on the Most Obvious market opportunity available - The Market for Senior Care Will More Than Double Over the Next Three Decades with the growth in seniors and individuals needing In-Home Care.  Let us show you how to position yourself to take advantage of this amazing market opportunity.

Hearts that Matter is a company that cares about the client.  This is the difference between a company driven by financials and a company that truly delivers the highest quality home care services possible.  Hearts that Matter is a company founded by professionals from within the caregiving industry who have built an organization founded on basic principles which support the client and the experience they receive when working with Hearts that Matter.
Why Hearts that Matter Works:

  • An Emerging Brand that Stands for Quality– Hearts that Matter delivers only the highest quality home care services available.  This has allowed the company to differentiate itself from the competition and has built a loyal following of clients and families who have entrusted the organization with loved ones.
  • Defined Operating System — Operations Manuals, Technology, Operating Systems, and processes that work and will deliver an efficient structure to support your growth in the franchise model.
  • Residual Income – Hearts that Matter delivers a business model that is successful in creating a residual income base – relationships are at the core of what makes this business model successful and financially viable.
  • Feel Good About What You Do – Build a profitable business and feel good about it, you have the opportunity to truly help people as you operate your business.
  • Explosive Senior Care Market – The in-home care market is and will continue to go through extreme growth over the next 10 years.  With the exponential growth in baby boomers entering the senior market and more people choosing to stay at home than go into a nursing home, the market is literally growing by leaps and bounds.
  • Amazing Support and Training Resources – Go into business with the guidance, structure and support of people who truly care about your success!
    1. Corporate Training – training will be held at the corporate office covering the administrative, management, and day-to-day operating procedures.
    2. Field Training – we come to you and support you in your territory.  You can expect field-based training and guidance from our management team.
    3. Call Center – you will have a team of support personnel that is here to support you from the corporate office any time over the phone and email.
    4. Business Development - help you grow the brand and market for your business. We provide sales and marketing support such as sales programs and processes, branded local websites for your customization, branded sales, and marketing literature, advertising creative, and much more.
    5. Management Systems and Professionals assist local franchisees to develop an organization that adapts over time – from IT systems and sample HR policies to connections with the top vendors and advisors.

Admit it, The Home Care Business is Worth a Look!

The Home Care industry is growing by leaps and bounds - with the aging population around the world and more people choosing to stay home as opposed to going to a nursing home, the need for Home Care services and business is growing every day.

Here's a brief overview of what it takes to be a Hearts that Matter franchisee:

  • Initial Investment – Very low initial franchise fee!  $15,000 franchise fee.
  • Protected Territory – Protected territories allow you to build your business without fear of other franchises encroaching on your business.
  • Scheduling and Management Software – Hearts that Matter uses custom software programs to manage the business and oversee the day-to-day operations.

Take the Next Step
Contact us for more information on the Hearts that Matter franchise model!

800-610-0292 / [email protected]

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