How Emotional Franchise Marketing is Better Marketing

If you’re considering your franchise marketing campaigns for the coming year, you may want to take a look at how they are connecting with your clients. In recent studies done by various marketing firms, emotional franchise marketing campaigns were shown to have a higher response rate than reason-based marketing and there’s a science to this. If you want to have a greater influence on your client base, you may just want to think about intertwining some heartstrings into your marketing plans.

Emotions Connect on a Deeper Level than Reason

Emotion-based franchise marketing has worked better than reason-based marketing because emotions give things deeper meaning. What might be a box of tissues could remind someone of someone important in their life. When these items are given more value, clients and customers find that they need the products or services more. Consider the commercials on television that tell a story versus talking about how amazing a product is. Coca-Cola often does family-type stories with polar bears around Christmas time. They share a happy moment as a family and this gives Coca-Cola more meaning to the consumer.

People Are Drawn to Joy

In many cases, there’s a psychological response human that make them avoid the bad and become drawn to the good. When franchise marketing plays with the emotions, businesses have an easier time showing clients where to find joy while avoiding what could potentially make them unhappy, scared, or angry. This is why in emotionally-driven commercials, people will often be miserable, unhappy, or upset before a certain product or service is introduced.

You Make a Promise and Clients Feel More Fulfilled

 Emotion-drive franchise marketing makes an unspoken promise to clients that, ‘if you use me, you will be happy’. This helps alleviate regret or hesitation because it’s more like they are partaking in a sure thing. If clients can avoid feeling like they’ve wasted time and money, or that they can avoid negative feelings altogether, you have a better chance of hooking them.

If you’re planning on having any sales, you may want to talk to your business consultants about how much you should put on sale and how it may affect your customers. The interesting thing about franchise marketing and consumer reaction is that if consumers are given too many choices, they often become dissatisfied while more contained options make them feel more comfortable.

As you use emotion-based franchise marketing, be prepared for the massive benefits that come along with it. Increased sales, increased customer loyalty, and long-term relationship building with your clients are just a few things you can expect.

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