How to Franchise a Cleaning Company

The Cleaning business has for years been a mainstay in the franchise industry.  Organizations like Jani-king, Jan-Pro, Vanguard cleaning systems, MaidPro, Molly Maids and others are known for extensive franchise growth in short periods of time.  The cleaning industry is a great example of an industry segment that fits franchising very well.  When wondering how to franchise a cleaning business, these answers will provide insight.

1.  The Cleaning Industry is filled with "mom and pop" businesses.  The industry has a very low barrier to entry which allows just about anyone to start a cleaning business when they get the itch to provide residential or commercial cleaning services.  With a large number of cleaning businesses on the market, a franchise system has the benefit of building a brand to differentiate itself from the competition.  It is proven time and time again, particularly Americans love brands.  They enjoy the comfort of knowing what they are going to get before the service is performed.

2.  Cleaning Franchises are low investment.  Particularly in today's market where financing is difficult to come by, low investment franchises make very attractive franchise opportunities.  Cleaning franchises fit that model exactly.  Typically a cleaning franchise will require only a vehicle, cleaning equipment and some start up marketing materials to get the business going, perfect for a franchise investor who is short on capital.  When considering how to franchise a cleaning company, this is a key issue, providing a low cost franchise opportunity in today's market is a major selling point that gives the cleaning industry a leg up over the competition.

3.  Cleaning Franchises provide marketing support and business development tools.  In how to franchise a cleaning business, some of the key benefits to a franchise owner in this industry revolve around business development.  Cleaning industry franchisees need and want the support of a franchise system to help them get clients.  Most of the successful franchisors will provide a call center, national contracts or other means of marketing and sales support to franchisees.

When considering how to franchise a cleaning company, the process can be very effective, the franchise industry is full of cleaning organizations, but the proof is in the pudding.  The top ten of the Franchise 500, as ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine each of the past five years, has had at least 4 cleaning franchises included every year.  Franchising works in many industrys, but cleaning is an industry can utilize franchise development extremely well.

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