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Jantize America is an established franchise brand having offered the franchise model since 1988 under it’s original ownership.  The business model is a commercial cleaning franchise system which was born out of experience working with other commercial cleaning franchise systems.  The Jantize business model was structured originally to expand through master franchise relationships in key markets where an established master would take ownership of the business responsibilities and support unit franchisees who delivered the cleaning services to commercial customers in their respective markets. 


As the business matured, the original founder sold the majority of his interest in Jantize to Paul Dorsey, an established commercial cleaning franchise professional who had years of experience working with industry leading brands such as JanPro.  The corporate offices for Jantize moved from Detroit to Charlotte, NC and Jantize began a consistent and dedicated growth channel to expand the business through additional Master Franchise growth. 


Jantize America hired Franchise Marketing Systems and Christopher Conner to develop the Jantize strategy, Franchise Marketing Models, Operations programming and overall Franchise training models to move the business forward over the coming decade.  The Master Franchise model was reinforced and continued to be the targeted growth channel for expanding the Jantize brand. 


Mr. Dorsey saw a unique opportunity in the commercial cleaning market where in a crowded segment with several franchise systems well over 5,000 franchise units in place, there still was potential for a model with a more equitable franchise offering between the three aspects of the relationship.  What Jantize saw in the franchise market in this particular segment was that the Unit Franchisee, the person who was actually performing the services and in front of the customer on the job site was many times being underserved and typically was barely making a living.  The Jantize model addressed this and offered a stronger financial opportunity to the people actually doing the cleaning.  The result was stronger customer relationships, less operational issues and a smoother client relationship with the commercial customers.    


The second phase of differentiating the Jantize franchise model with Franchise Marketing Systems incorporated developing a streamlined, technology-driven sales process that could be replicated more easily to the Master Franchise owner.  Systems, marketing processes, collateral and sales models were developed following Mr. Dorsey’s experience in the industry and the successful Master Franchisee’s background to better replicate sales results for the Master owners. 


The results were astounding, Jantize grew from a handful of Master Franchises to 13 Master Franchise territories in key markets across the United States.  The Total unit franchise count expanded to 308 franchise locations under these Master franchises and the brand quickly established itself as an up and coming commercial cleaning franchise system along with the larger players in the market. 


The Jantize Franchise model is a perfect example of how Master Franchise growth can be leveraged to expand a brand and segment duties between parties throughout a distribution network.  Master Franchisees in this case are business people, professionals with white collar experience, good sales experience and management skills.  They managed the billing, sales, business development and office side of the operations.  Unit franchisees brought experience in the cleaning market and had a good grasp of how to deliver the cleaning services and manage the labor staff needed to perform high quality cleaning services.  All parties win in the relationship and the brand can scale quickly into new markets.  This is also an effective model for international franchise growth.


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