Klein Epstein & Parker Franchise

Jeroen Bik and his wife, Miray Kafardian-Bik, created the Klein Epstein & Parker franchise business model and operating structure with a vision to redefine the men’s clothing marketplace. 

Based on a deep understanding and a wide breadth of experience in the retail industry, both Miray and Jeroen have a solid and approachable vision for how to liberate men through fashion and attainable style.  It is with this vision that we approach the national retail landscape through franchising.

The first Klein Epstein & Parker store, which features made-to-measure fashion, suits and shirts, is based in West Hollywood.  The 2nd store opened in May 2013 in Costa Mesa at the LAB. The 3rd store opens in San Francisco in March 2014.

The store concept caters to both a fashionable and professionally dressed demographic, with a sense of style that is both expressive and personalized.  Clients include men within the fields of advertising, marketing, real estate, entertainment, management, law and more. 

Looking to extinguish the stigma of Made to Measure as too exclusive and uninspired, Klein Epstein & Parker promotes individualization and creative freedom in its clothing with fabrics and accessories that conjure one’s ability to unleash unlimited expression by way of a finely personalised tailored fashion suit, jacket, pant, waistcoat or shirt.

Klein Epstein Parker Franchise: Value Through Systems and a Dedicated Mission

  1. Klein Epstein & Parker Brand Mission: Klein Epstein & Parker hopes to liberate all men with inspiration, to follow their hearts as they create Made to Measure fashion; with superior value, and artisan craftsmanship, through an unrivalled individual experience, for an impeccable personalized look and feel.
  2. Franchise Mission: Democratize Made to Measure Fashion
  3. Klein Epstein & Parker Code of Honor: Each individual within the company commits to and fulfils our Code of Honor for the strength of our team and our total success.

- Our Code is based on respect, passion, pride, solutions, responsibility and achievement in excellence with all we do. We respect our customers, concept, brand, company, stores, mission, team and ourselves.

- We value one another's contribution and always realize we are stronger as a team. We possess a passion for our customers, company, brand, concept, business and team.

- We strive to achieve excellence by “owning it and doing it” with our heads, hearts and hands. We are proactive and take our responsibility with clear goals, effective planning, and solution-oriented thinking to maximize results.

- We have confidence in our mission, brand, partners, team and ourselves. We are proud of our achievements, lead by example while maintaining humility and are always grateful for all we accomplish as a team.


Klein Epstein & Parker is a Made to Measure retail concept. The 600-800 square-foot stores positioned on B1 locations on A1 streets/areas, provide the stores with a small boutique feel with good visibility and the right target customer demographics in the area.  In addition, next to the core made-to-measure business, Klein Epstein & Parker offers a small assortment of shirts, ties, pocket squares, socks, shoes, hats, tee shirts, denim and knitwear, that speaks to a fashion-focused “informed” customer.

  The operating model is clean, simple, approachable and yet elegant. The Made to Measure experience begins by first liberating the customer and helping them realize they are NOT FORCED to follow the industry trendmakers and fit into a “box” when it comes to the look and styles they would choose. Rather, the customer is the master of their wardrobe’s destiny with hands-on support from the Klein Epstein & Parker experts.

The process begins with building a unique pattern. For this Klein Epstein & Parker uses “fit models” from either the slim fit or regular fit options. Once the basic size and fit are established the process begins to sculpt the clothing to shape a customer’s look and FEEL with precise measuring and fitting.

The KEP goal with each customer is to build a pattern that fits their own style, look and feel while delivering great comfort, all at a reasonable price point.  The customer’s unique pattern stays in our file, so all future orders will be simpler and often with no need to refit. 

Now comes the fun part for each customer; creating a completely unique and completely “YOU” fashion piece.  The customer picks the fabric for their jacket, pant, vest and/or shirt, chooses the collar for their shirt, or the lining for a suit, chooses the cuffs, the buttons, the embroidery and so many other style details. 

Customers can create a double-breasted cotton suit or a black linen tuxedo; a light summer shirt for your cruise; or a wide-spread collar power shirt for board meetings. K.E.P. uses only the finest Italian fabrics with fantastic ‘hand-feel’ quality.  There is a vast array of choices, whether someone chooses a clean modern look, a heritage plaid for a vintage feel or a tuxedo shirt with a twist. 

The opportunity for complete customization and yes... the liberation of the customer’s style and sense of who they want to be, come to realization through the Klein Epstein & Parker process.

RETAIL WINNING POINTS:  What makes Klein Epstein & Parker so successful when compared to other retail models?  

  • Low Barrier to Entry
  • Low Investment
  • Low Stock Investment
  • High Rotation of the Stock
  • High Potential ROI
  • High Sales Volume per Square Foot
  • Small, Experienced and Agile Management Team focused on Success.
  • Custom and Unique Product - designed by the client...for the client.

Klein Epstein Parker is ready to redefine a market, industry and the entire Men's Clothing Retail experience, contact us to discuss the current experience, track record and franchise opportunity.

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