Launch Trampoline Franchise

launch trampoline franchise

Launch Trampoline Franchise

Launch Trampoline Parks is a competitive brand in the growing and highly sought after trampoline park franchise market.  Trampoline Parks had taken the children’s services and entertainment market by storm with the successful development of the leading franchise brand in the space.  The children’s entertainment industry is generally a leading market for innovation and tends to go through significant industry trends with highly competitive races for market share.  The trampoline franchise market had been no different and Launch was vying for a 2nd position in the space.  With the aggressive growth across the market, Launch came to Franchise Marketing Systems to support new business development and support franchise expansion into new regions. 


Franchise Marketing Systems provided a number of services to Launch to support the development efforts beginning with franchise strategy and business planning in order to go to market more effectively and to position the brand against the rest of the trampoline franchise space.  The value proposition was redefined by evaluating the sales process, strategic partnerships, target franchise buyer profile and overall recruitment model.  Franchise Marketing Systems developed new collateral, brochures, application processes and digital media used to advertise and promote the Launch franchise model.  The sales campaign was staffed, new franchise sales crm and management software was put in place and the lead generation model was developed to achieve sales targets for the brand. 


The value proposition for Launch required some focus to appropriately define and structure the USP needed to go against the significant competition in the trampoline space.  First, the Launch brand is co-owned by NFL Great Ty Law who brings not only star appeal to the organization, but contacts and strategic relationships with the NFL and other accomplished athletes to the franchisees who invest in Launch.  This value needed to be presented early and by consolidating discovery days to larger groups with more opportunities in one visit, Mr. Law could take part in the meetings and show is active involvement in the business which was certainly attractive to potential investors.  Second, the Launch franchise model had remarkably developed technology, business modeling techniques and methodology in place.  Franchisees were supported in mapping territories, finding ideal locations, understanding what their market looked like from a competitive standpoint and how to market their location to consumers efficiently.  All of this was handled through customized technology and delivered to the franchisee through proprietary processes and training.  This needed to be explained and shown to franchise candidates during the sales process as no one else in the business had technology that could stand up to what Launch had to offer.  In addition, Launch had developed what were becoming industry leading differentiators for the service offerings as the business model evolved and had more to offer the customer and a wider array of revenue streams for the franchisees. 


The franchise sales process review for Launch started with the lead generation model.  Ideal markets were defined and online lead generation was developed to focus on these markets and drive franchise buyer traffic into the sales pipeline.  The appropriate franchise sales people were trained, put in place and given structured franchise sales scripts to deliver the presentation effectively and qualify leads early.  With a higher initial investment in excess of $1.5 million per unit, franchise buyers needed to exhibit not only the appropriate character and business experience, but also the obvious financial capability to open a launch trampoline franchise.  Franchisees were quickly ushered towards a discovery day during a 5 stage franchise sales process and in most cases, were organized into group discovery day sessions to leverage the resources available and be able to create energy between the group during visits.  Franchise real estate professionals and franchise funding experts were brought in to support franchisees in finding ideal locations and support funding the new businesses for franchisees.    


Launch Trampoline franchise sales were exceptional and provided significant growth in multiple new markets and states during the first year of franchise development with Franchise Marketing Systems.  With a continued focus on development and investment into the franchise business, Launch looks to be in a strong position to capture the second market position in the growing trampoline franchise market. 


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