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Franchise Expansion in 2012.


Franchise Marketing Systems clients have seen impressive growth in 2012 so far!  With increasing growth and momentum, these organizations are taking market share and building brands in their respective industries.

The powerful vehicle of franchising has allowed these organizations to gain traction with customers in new markets far from the reach of the corporate locations while maintaining the quality and standards that made them successful.

Franchise Marketing Systems has worked with the following organizations who have realized growth in 2012 and expanded their brands this year: 

(Complete Client List:

REDRHINO ( – Epoxy flooring provider – works with residential and commercial clients – sold four new franchises in 2012.

Pet’s Healthy Choice ( – Pet food delivery operations – sold one new franchise in 2012.

Restoration 1 ( – Full Service Restoration Service Provider – sold three new franchises in 2012, one being a master franchise.

The Weave Shop ( – Weave salons – work in the specialty hair care market – sold two new franchises in 2012.

Generate My Ads ( – Pre-owned vehicle marketing - sold one new license in 2012.

Mosquito Terminators ( – Pest control services and sprays – sold six new franchises in 2012, one being a master franchise.

Snoopit Imports ( – Import brokerage business – sold one master license in 2012.

Caring Matters Home Care ( – Senior Care and home care business – sold three franchises in 2012.

Never Paint Again Residential and commercial painting business – sold one franchise in 2012.

Flower Tent ( – Flower retail operations in temporary tent locations – sold four franchises in 2012.

Champion Cheesesteaks ( – Mobile food truck operations – sold one franchise in 2012.

Splash and Dash for Dogs ( – Dog washing and bathing operations – sold five in 2012.

Chopple ( – Web marketing and coupon site license – sold one license in 2012.

For more information on how to franchise your business or whether franchising is the right expansion vehicle for you, contact us:

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