Philly Connection Food Truck Franchise

The Philly Connection Food Truck operation

The Philly Connection is an established Franchisor that came to FMS Franchise for support, consulting, and strategic guidance to implement a mobile food truck franchise model into a mature franchise network.  Since 1984, Atlanta-based Philly Connection restaurants have been leveraging the Cheesesteak sandwich to market a fixed location foodservice franchise model throughout the United States.  

The Philly Connection franchise brand had long been considered the leader in the Philly Cheesesteak segment of franchising.  At one time, the network had expanded to over 130 locations. 

Throughout the recession and an increasingly competitive food service segment of franchising, the management team had the foresight to see that there was an opportunity for alternative growth by expanding into the food truck segment of the market. 

In 2009 and 2010, the food truck market segment experienced exponential growth and many traditional restaurant brands were anxious about what this growth meant for the traditional food service space.  As with most developing markets, the food truck market was composed of mom-and-pop entrepreneurs, most of whom worked and managed the truck themselves.

The fragmented market drew a lot of attention and interest for good reason.  Philly Connection has a generally simple product line and a product that can be transported to an event without losing the integrity and taste of the end consumer.  The Food Truck market seemed like an obvious strategy for the Philly Connection management team.

FMS Franchise developed the strategy, marketing model and overall business strategy for going to market and presenting to the existing franchisee network in addition to outside franchise investors/entrepreneurs. The Philly Connection Food Truck differentiated its food truck model through its specially designed mobile kitchen layout allowing each of its food trucks to efficiently and promptly serve the products and high-quality menu items. 

The unit-level marketing and business development model revolved around a territory model which leveraged consistent repeat visits and businesses.  The obvious opportunities were large events, concerts and food truck venues, but by creating corporate relationships, regular lunches, events and parties through those business clients could create regular cash flow and high-margin business. 

The Philly Connection Food truck implementation was a successful alternative or conversion franchise model which utilized a new approach for an established market segment and through franchising was able to scale and grow efficiently.

For more information on how to leverage conversion franchise models for your business, contact us.

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