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Postal Connections is a proven, effective and industry leading pack and ship franchise brand.  The organization had been in the industry segment with it’s roots from the Mail Boxes Etc franchise leadership team.  When Mail Boxes Etc sold the brand, the Postal Connections management team got together and decided to develop the Postal Connections brand.  Postal Connections provides a wide range of shipping, printing and packaging services to commercial and residential customers.  With experienced leadership in place, a growing market segment and a better business model than it’s peers, Postal Connections was able to take market share from competing pack and ship franchises already in the industry segment. 

In 2013, Postal Connections approached Franchise Marketing Systems to support both domestic and international growth of the franchise network.  The system had slowed growth significantly with the recent recession and was looking for ways to both improve franchise unit performance and also integrate a more aggressive and effective franchise sales model.  Franchise Marketing Systems worked with Postal Connections to develop a growth strategy, performed franchise audits and determine whether an effective franchise support system was in place to nurture successful franchise units within the system.  Franchise Marketing Systems researched the packing and shipping franchise market to understand where opportunities existed and how best to position the Postal Connections franchise brand.  Franchise Marketing Systems also worked with Postal Connections to develop and implement a new franchise training and support model that would effectively deliver great value to new and existing franchisees. 

With Franchise Marketing Systems, Postal Connections developed new franchise collateral materials, franchise sales processes, training materials and franchise compliance documents.  Together, FMS and Postal Connections worked with Walmart to establish a strategic relationship allowing units to be placed in high traffic Walmart spaces allowing for a lower initial investment and enormous visibility for the operating units.  Franchise Marketing Systems then implemented and executed the franchise sales and marketing model.  With the rapid growth in franchising and small business development, Postal Connections has been able to increase the unit count to 46 locations with the support of Franchise Marketing Systems development team. 

The Postal Connections business model is simple, well-defined and structured for franchise scale with small footprints and a low level of operating complexity.  Although the market is competitive with large brands such as UPS and Fedex, there is ample room for a pack and ship franchise that offers strategic advantages, a customer experience that exceeds expectations, a business model with a strong technology backbone and a leadership team devoted to the success of the franchisees.  With good management and continued strategic work focused on differentiating the brand from others in the pack and ship franchise market and a commitment to strong franchisee validation, the Postal Connections franchise has significant room for growth and expansion opportunity.          

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