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One of the most effective and consistent categories of the franchise industry is the printing and signage segment.  For over thirty years, the printing and signage franchise segment has been one of fastest growing franchise industries in the world.  Organizations in the printing and signage franchise segment have opened thousands of franchises around the globe.

Printing and Signage franchises are certainly not the sexiest or the most alluring businesses on the market, how is it that they have been so successful and so consistent over the past four decades?

1.  Everyone Needs Printing and Signage Services.  It doesnt' matter if you are a one person cleaning business or a five hundred person company in the financial industry, you still need business cards, fliers, brochures and signage to market your business.  The Printing and Signage franchise segment serves any and all potential customers who need printing.

2.  The Business Model is Simple.  Printing and Signage franchises are simple and easy to understand.  It doesn't take years of experience to fully understand and grasp the business.  Someone can purchase a franchise in the printing business and be proficient in the operation within weeks.  Most printing franchises have structured and defined processes in place which allow a new franchisee a short ramp-up time.

3.  Printing is Very Profitable.  Printing and Signage franchises are designed to provide a set of services that provide up to 75% profit margins.  The good printing franchises are structured to stay away from the highly customized printing work that does not push as much to the bottom line of the business.

4.  Printing is Recession Proof.  With more and more people being pushed out of their jobs and into starting a business, the need for business cards, brochures and marketing materials to start up a new business increases.  People always need printing services and products, even in a recession.

In choosing a printing and signage franchise, carefully evaluate the business model, the initial investment and the consistency of the operating unit.  Printing franchises can be a solid and conservative option for starting a business.

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