Al's Beef Franchise

The Al’s Beef Franchise OR Al’s Beef Sandwich Franchise is a QSR food service brand which has in a sense defined the Italian beef category of franchising.  Like many great Chicago Italian family businesses, Al’s Beef knew they had something in 1938 and the Chicago market recognized this with their dollars and continued commitment to the sandwich brand. 

The concept was simple, fast, friendly and convenient, but always dedicated itself to great food at a reasonable price point. 

In blue-collar Chicago neighbourhoods, this formula worked brilliantly.  Over the years, the model and brand were established regionally as being one of the best products and sandwiches in the entire area with awards from Chicago Magazine and other prominent publications. 

The concept started as a sandwich delivery business and after more attention and interest, opened the first location in Chicago’s Little Italy.  By this time, Al’s Beef was firmly established as one of Chicago’s best and most authentic Italian Beef Sandwich brands. 

The family business continued to thrive out of the single location in the city and at the time, expansion meant adding square footage to the location.  It wasn’t until the 1970’s that the company ventured into franchising and decided to scale the brand into new markets.

In order to Franchise the Business Model, the concept was structured, streamlined and modelled to allow for duplication and training through excellent systems, technology and operating processes.  Food production was streamlined to keep consistent product quality while leveraging the volume of production.

Branding and store design were completely revamped to give the Al’s Beef franchise a look, presentation and experience that could essentially guarantee consistent customer experience in every location.   

Al’s Beef hired FMS Franchise to develop the concept and create marketing mechanisms that could effectively push the franchise sales and marketing promotions of Al’s Beef franchise. 

Due to the nature of the brand, there were enormous concerns over brand continuity, product consistency and who exactly would be let into the system as part of the Al’s Beef family. 

The team of Franchise Consultants developed a buyer profile and set up qualification processes which would verify buyers' ability to operate the business and willingness to work within a defined system following very specific brand and system standards.

Background checks, personality testing and structured franchise interview processes were developed to understand who the buyer was and help both franchisor and franchisee make a better decision about whether there was a good fit for the Italian Beef Franchise model.

Franchise marketing mechanisms and recruitment processes were created to expand the reach and get the brand in front of more buyers, with volume, which would allow the brand more opportunity to choose only the best franchisees and sell to people who understood the opportunity to be part of Al’s brand. 

FMS Franchise worked with third-party franchise brokers and digital franchise lead generation platforms to put the brand out in the market and support new franchise recruitment. 

Today, the Al’s Beef Brand boasts over 70 locations in operation and is consistently ranked as one of the top Italian Beef Sandwich franchises in the entire United States.

Through careful franchise selection processes and targeted franchise lead generation models, Al’s Beef was able to define a market leader position in a focused category.


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