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TaxLeaf is the derivation of a tax and CPA services business that originated in the early 1970s in South Florida. The model was as with many CPA firms, a typical tax and accounting practice that provided solid services and excellent financial advice to clients, but lacked the systems, structure, technology or marketing panache to grow beyond the local market they were founded in. 

Over the years, the next generation of the business took over the leadership and Moses Nae became a leader in the organization.  As he gained experience, he saw an opportunity to scale the Florida Accounting Firm into something bigger, better and that could scale to new markets. 

He partnered with Mike Natarus, a friend and former business partner who brought industry contacts and technology expertise to the business and together the TaxLeaf brand was born. The model began with a single location in South Florida not far from the original CPA offices that still operated close by. \

The difference was a model that not only carried a retail presence with a nice, clean and well-presented retail location that benefited from the visibility and walk-by traffic but also a concept that approached the industry with vigour and new ways of doing financial services. 

In 2015, TaxLeaf hired Franchise Marketing Systems to develop the brand as a franchise and launch the tax preparation franchise system. The tax preparation industry was in need of differentiation and a new approach, TaxLeaf had just what the market wanted.  The TaxLeaf model was built on a foundation of amazingly viable technology allowing franchisees to leverage the tools and abilities of the corporate team of CPAs efficiently and in turn report to the client on a real-time basis.

The systems were designed for functionality and had impressive depth in all aspects of accounting and tax preparation work.  Franchise Marketing Systems developed a strategic plan that would leverage technology, focus on weak points in larger tax preparation franchise systems and create differentiation for the franchise offering through proven business development and marketing channels that Mr. Nae and Natarus had proven throughout Florida.

As the plan came together, Franchise Marketing Systems recognized significant opportunities for master and multiple unit franchise growth not only for U.S. residents but also for those looking to immigrate to the United States.  The TaxLeaf model was designed to accommodate both opportunities. 

Following the franchise business plan, the Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement were put together in conjunction with a South Florida Franchise Attorney to protect the franchisor and allow the system to work in tight-knit relationships with franchisees. 

Franchise Marketing Systems then developed the operational, training and program documents needed for new TaxLeaf franchisees to learn the systems and understand how to replicate success within the tax prep franchise system. Marketing programs, franchise digital advertising platforms and sales campaigns were developed to implement and execute new franchise recruitment for TaxLeaf. 

In less than two years, the new brand has been able to open 12 offices throughout Florida and firmly position itself not only as an up-and-coming player in the tax and financial services franchise sector but also in the international financial services market segment. 

The market continues to be extremely crowded and competitive, but what TaxLeaf has done exceedingly well is to define a market niche within the space, create systems that leverage core competencies and bring fresh, new marketing to an old look throughout the tax prep market segment. 

Young, progressive entrepreneurs have been attracted and drawn to the model in a short time period and with continued franchisee validation in Florida, the brand will quickly grow to other parts of the United States and into Central and South America.

TaxLeaf is positioned well to take advantage of unique market characteristics in this market segment and is using franchising to capitalize on the market potential of the model.   

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