RockBox Fitness Franchise

RockBox Fitness is an innovative, exciting and disruptive fitness franchise which is the creation of Steve Halloran and Roger Martin.  They recognized the transition happening in the fitness market from large gyms with rows of equipment and large amounts of members who never made it to the facility to smaller, more community-oriented concepts.

These smaller gyms, which were focused on class fitness programs and high-intensity, results-oriented programs were what the customer wanted and also made a great deal of sense from a business perspective.  

In 2016, the RockBox brand was born from years of experience working and managing gym businesses and deep business background in a variety of different industry segments.  The concept was simple, intense and exceptionally focused on generating results for clients who joined the RockBox movement. 

The brand was an instant hit as the first corporate units broke all sales and membership expectations.  Franchising the fitness brand was the next step for the business model and would carry the RockBox system forward into new markets.  

In late 2017, RockBox hired Franchise Marketing Systems to develop the fitness franchise and organize the business to scale through franchising.  

Franchise Marketing Systems team of consultants and development members worked with Mr. Martin and Mr. Halloran to define the franchise strategy, organize key business elements and set critical franchise fee structures. The business plans were written for franchisors and franchisees and then the FDD was developed in conjunction with Jason Powers and Barber Power franchise law. 

Franchise operations manuals and franchise training systems were developed to translate key elements of the business to new franchise investors and systems were implemented to keep franchisees on point with system KPIs.  

For franchise marketing, the FMS team organized franchise brochures, the franchise website, franchise evaluation forms and the franchise marketing plans. The franchise model was launched in early 2018 and the RockBox franchise again broke through all expectations.

In the first 12 months of franchise operations, 25 new RockBox franchises were sold in a variety of key markets across the United States.  Stronger franchise investors opened multi-unit franchise territories and the brand was quickly establishing itself as a fitness franchise to contend with.  

In the coming years, RockBox leadership is continuing to focus on core operating principles, excellent unit-level economics and strong franchise operators.

As of 2020, RockBox Fitness has been able to scale to over 60 units and is quickly becoming a leader in the boutique boxing and fitness market category.  

For more information on how to franchise a fitness business, contact FMS.

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