Does Franchise PR work?

You’ve probably heard the terms franchise public relations or PR and you’re wondering if it’s something you should consider to support the growth of your franchise brand and sell more franchise units. What is franchise PR and does it actually work as it’s intended? From our experience in the franchise development field, we have found that Franchise Public Relations can be an enormous asset to a franchise brand’s growth or a significant waste of money if managed incorrectly. Take a look below at what this really and truly consists of and see how it can work for your franchise growth.

What is Franchise PR?
Franchise Public relations as it pertains to your franchise sales campaign is where you have the marketing and exposure through media sources, third party articles and relevant sources that provide credibility and exposure for your brand. The difference between traditional public relations work and franchise PR is that franchise work focuses on messaging and media which are relevant to an entrepreneur or potential franchisee and the good franchise PR available is able to convert these views to franchise leads. There are great franchise PR resources out there, it’s a matter of finding the right partner and right group to deliver your PR needs. Franchise PR starts with a solid plan, message and then takes consistent, aggressive execution. PR can be done in small amounts by just about anyone, but to truly drive results, it takes a professional group to deliver results. Good franchise PR groups have connections, contacts, systems and processes that provide for significant and consistent PR results. Franchising is a huge marketing and sales business that is focused on finding the great leads you need to close the deals at the end of the day. Examples of good franchise PR for Franchise brands include the following The Patch Boys ( and Zaniac ( In order to drive results from Franchise PR, you need to get in front of as many potential franchise owners as possible and a sound Franchise PR plan is critical in order to execute appropriately.

Why Franchise PR?
Public relations for your franchise offers a variety of benefits to you and your brand name. First it is improving your credibility and the total validation of your brand when people see the franchise written up in Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur or other relevant franchise publications. It is drawing attention, in a good way, to what you’ve done and how your brand is growing every day. It gets the name out there so people have the chance to see what it is all about and why they should be joining in on the franchise as a whole. A good solid PR plan can get you in front of the right people at the right time to truly close deals and sell more franchise locations. This not only helps your bottom line; it is also helping to get your brand in a variety of places that you can’t always be. If your PR plan is working as it should, you’ll see growth by gaining solid partners in the brand business.

How do you Execute Franchise PR?
Once you have a solid plan in place and you understand what you want to say and who needs to hear it, you need to know how to communicate your message to the appropriate resources. This process generally takes professionals who have worked the Public Relations channels in the past and know how to approach the market in order to drive contacts and get as much exposure as possible. Relevant PR exposure includes sources such as Inc. Magazine, Franchise Times, or even Entrepreneur Magazine, but certainly includes smaller marketing channels which are related to business and entrepreneurship. These places can then spread the news about your franchise option even farther than you could have ever dreamed possible.

The key is having a good solid plan. Most franchise owners feel lost when it comes to developing their own marketing and PR plan. That is why we recommend working with a solid Franchise PR company that can help you to get your plan in place. By working with a top-notch firm you can be assured that your information is getting into the hands of those who can make things happen. They are getting your information and PR into the hands of the ones who are actively looking to buy franchises.

Consider working with a top quality Franchise PR firm that knows the ins and outs of the public relations field. They can help you develop a plan that gets you in front of solid leads where you end up closing more deals than losing them.

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