All Paws Pet Wash Franchise

The Global Pet Market is expanding so quickly, there is more and more of an opportunity to provide products and services to customers, particularly those that are convenient and offer services in a simple, easy format.  All Paws Pet Wash has done just this with a simple, convenient format that offers pet washes in conjunction with car washes and facilities that customers are already visiting.  According to the 2019-2020 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 63.4 million U.S. households own at least one dog. All Paws Pet Wash, a mobile self serve dog wash, understands the importance that dog owners place on that relationship and are seeking to take care of their pup the best way possible, to the tune of around 72.56billion dollars in 2018, as a matter of fact. 

The All Paws brand started from CCSI International which is a manufacturer well known for pool enclosures and car wash buildings. They had the structural integrity and the dependable longevity in place to make a move in a new direction and All Paws Pet Wash was born. The uniqueness of the business caught on quickly as pet owners found the convenience and affordability of the pet wash enclosure unsurpassed by any predecessors. The company offers several different types of enclosures, making them easy to add to various locations, lending to the convenience for families and their furry friends. Each unit is affordable for the consumer with options to completely customize the pricing to be applicable to the target market. 

The All Paws brand started out as essentially an equipment sales company selling the product to owners who purchased the product and implemented under their own brand.  In 2018, it was clear that through a franchise platform, the brand could develop more effectively and scale more effectively through a consistent operating model and developing a brand associated with the unique category they had created.  Mr. Caldwell, All Paws Founder, hired Franchise Marketing Systems to develop the franchise system and create the platform that would allow the model to scale and expand through franchising. FMS franchised the business, working on strategic planning, market research, franchise operations manuals and other franchise development needed to market and promote the brand.  The All Paws system was effectively already in place and the proof of concept was there to make the transition to franchising a smooth and efficient way to continue growing the company.  

Due to the fact that the All Paws Pet Wash system can be placed anywhere, auto lube and oil shops, pet stores, apartment buildings, dog parks, beaches, veterinarian offices, pet-friendly hotels, laundromats, or campgrounds, the model was widely accepted and exciting to present to potential buyers. Along with this, the concept required a minimal investment which allowed for existing business owners to add the All Paws Pet Wash as an additional low maintenance stream of passive income in addition to first time entrepreneurs who didn't have the capital to invest in a larger business.  

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