ChillBox Greek Yogurt Franchise

Globally, Greek yogurt has grown significantly in popularity and consumer appeal.  This trend combined with the increasing trend in frozen yogurt consumption has driven significant growth in the Greek Franchise System, ChillBox. 

Chillbox Greek Frozen Yogurt is a chain of franchised frozen desert stores throughout Greece and Europe centered on a frozen yogurt product as the primary driver of the brand.  The concept also offers ice cream, coffee and beverages of high quality and authentic flavours creating an excellent customer experience and driving unit-level sales.

Chillbox stores are known for their unique and modern look and offer franchise investors a great deal of value in the frozen yogurt franchise model. With 61 stores throughout Greece alone, Chillbox has become a franchise leader in its niche. But it didn’t get to that leadership position overnight and it didn’t get there alone without the guidance of franchise consultants and a solid franchise sales model.

In 2013, Chillbox hired Franchise Marketing Systems to develop a master franchise sales model and grow the brand more aggressively. The franchise development experts at Franchise Marketing Systems loved the brand and rolled up their sleeves. The team of franchise consultants worked with Chillbox to develop their business plans, marketing materials, manuals and training programs.

They looked at their long-term goals and developed a global friendly franchise system that could be scaled to a wide range of markets in multiple countries.  Franchise Marketing Systems developed a marketing plan which would focus on recruiting master franchisees for the new U.S. Franchisor.  Through a consistent franchise development model and franchise recruiting efforts, the frozen yogurt franchise saw immediate results in the U.S.   

Today Chillbox has over 200 stores sold in the U.S., Greece and Europe and is growing! The chain is now expanding to the United States. The brand offers a relatively low entry for ownership with the potential for high rewards.

By using Franchise Marketing Systems to help them manage their franchise development business model, Chillbox can offer franchisees numerous benefits including a range of top-quality items to sell, high-level training, store design and construction assistance, and cost savings on equipment, ongoing operational assistance, and free advertising support.

If you’re thinking about franchising your frozen dessert or food service business, the Chillbox franchise sales model developed and managed by Franchise Marketing Systems is one to look at, especially if your goals are worldwide.

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