Everything Christmas Stores Franchise

Everything Christmas Stores Franchise

Seasonal pop-up stores have proved to be popular and effective business models in markets across the country. Think about it, every Halloween you see pop-up stores selling everything from scary decorations to crazy costumes. Howie and Pam Frank wondered why nobody had successfully pulled off a pop-up concept for Christmas. With 30 years in the retail industry, they recognized an unfulfilled niche and decided to exploit it. In 2007, they opened their first Everything Christmas “Pop-Up” store in Levittown N.Y and they’ve been building the concept ever since.


The idea is simple. Offer an enormous selection of high quality Christmas items at reasonable prices. The company makes sure to stay on top of hot product trends while stocking all the classic products. They also carry popular licensed products. Everything Christmas is a one-stop Christmas destination for shoppers.


As 6 company store locations were opened, challenges grew. Staffing and management became difficult and the model for growth didn’t seem to be working. Rather than throw in the towel on expansion, Everything Christmas turned to Franchise Marketing Systems to help them franchise the model. The thought was that franchise operators would be personally invested in the business and day-to-day operation leading to better management. But developing a franchise model isn’t typically something a business owner just wakes up and implements one day.  That’s when the experienced franchise consultants at Franchise Marketing Systems, stepped in to guide the way forward.


If you think a retail seasonal model can’t be franchised successfully, think again. Franchise Marketing Systems created business plans, legal documents with outside franchise legal counsel, franchise training programs and franchise operations manuals. The team of franchise consultants also helped Everything Christmas position their franchise model to potential franchisees from a marketing and operational perspective.


With the franchise development assistance provided by Franchise Marketing Systems, Everything Christmas can offer support for every aspect of the business operation including help finding a profitable location, lease negotiation, training and support, product sourcing, marketing and advertising, and an experienced management team to help them with any challenge they may encounter.


With a solid franchise model in place, Everything Christmas sold 11 franchise units and 3 multi unit franchises in California, New Jersey, New York. The company continues to grow and has positioned itself for scaled franchise growth and market leadership in this unique market segment. For information on how to franchise your seasonal business that is primed for growth, your next move may be to franchise your business, contact Franchise Marketing Systems to review your options and whether franchising might be a viable growth strategy for your business.


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