Franchise Marketing Systems Client Updates

Franchise Marketing Systems Client Updates


Why should an organization consider franchising?  It allows for efficient, scalable growth with little overhead and profitable revenue.  Franchise Marketing Systems works with clients to develop and implement these expansion programs which can be seen through FMS clients.  The following are clients that are in the initial stages of growth or have been franchising / licensing for 1-2 years.

Companies franchise for one of three reasons:

  1. Money – they lack the capital needed for significant growth.
  2. People – a company cannot find and keep the talent needed to open multiple locations.
  3. Time – franchising and licensing allow for scaled growth.

Restoration 1 – Restoration 1 has added 13 franchise partners since March 2010.  The organization provides water and restoration service work.  Restoration 1 will be exhibiting at the Tampa franchise show in October.

Mosquito Terminators – The organization has added 16 franchise partners since February of 2011, this year the company aims to break 40 locations.  MT has created a market leadership position in the mosquito control business.

Caring Matters Senior Care – The In Home Senior Care Company has sold 6 franchises since March of 2011 and continues to expand.

Flower Tent – The flower retail organization had 60 tents open last year and this year will exceed 100 locations during the spring season.  Flower Tent is holding the third annual franchise convention in October.

CFO Systems – The financial leadership firm has just signed its first license partner in Dallas, TX.

REDRHINO – The epoxy flooring company has just signed its first license partner in Columbus, OH.

PHWS – The third party warranty company has three franchise partners, the most recent being in Phoenix, AZ.

911 Restoration – The water and fire damage company currently has 38 franchisees and this year will exceed $22 million in system-wide revenues.

Etransmedia – The healthcare IT firm will exceed $40 million in revenues in 2011.  Franchise Marketing Systems has sold a licensed territory for the organization since 2009.

The Weave Shop – The Weave Shop has sold 7 franchises in 2011 and today operates 18 locations in four states.

BungoBox – The Green Moving Company has sold 7 franchises from Florida to Canada and continues to set the standard for the green moving field.

Never Paint Again – The painting firm based in Michigan has begun to market the license throughout the Midwestern U.S.  The NPA model is based on a paint application that allows for 25 years of exterior paint durability.

First Choice Business Brokers – The business brokerage network has opened 32 franchise locations and is considered one of the world’s leading authority on business brokerage work.

Ducerus College Planning – The college planning organization has sold 16 franchises since May of 2010, the company provides education consulting services to families and students.

The Barking Zone Dog Daycare - The veterinarian clinic based operation has sold 3 franchises since 2010.

Splash and Dash for Dogs - the licensed bath and dog care model has sold 27 licenses to existing pet store businesses.

Ink Ur Body Tattoo Salon - The tattoo franchise has sold it's first franchise to a partner in New Jersey.

For more information on how to franchise your business or whether franchising or licensing is a viable expansion option, please contact one of our franchise consultants: 

800-610-0292 or [email protected]

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