Franchise Marketing Systems Clients on the Inc 5000 List

Franchise Marketing Systems works with businesses to implement, design and execute independent distribution channels to expand their organizations and sales abilities.  This primarily is done through franchise development, but in many cases, the work that Franchise Marketing Systems does extends beyond just the world of franchising and licensing.

In certain cases, like with Etransmedia, Franchise Marketing Systems worked with the healthcare IT company to develop an independent sales representative model that allowed the organization to expand more quickly and effectively through local reps.  In the past few years, Etransmedia has seen remarkable results and expanded the organization by a wide margin.  Recently, they were recognized again for making the Inc. 5000 list:

Another Franchise Marketing Systems client, Caring Matters Home Care also has had an enormous amount of success in recent years in growing their business which provides leading services to in-home care clients. 

The business was founded in 2002 and in 2010 decided to expand into new markets through a franchise model.  FMS has worked with Caring Matters to open six new office locations in 2011 and looks to open as many as 9 this year

Caring Matters was also recognized on the Inc 5000 list this year for their fantastic growth and expansion of the brand.

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