Legacy Center Funeral Home Franchise

The Legacy Center Funeral Home Franchise

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - FMS CanadaThe Legacy Center was founded by the Clark Family who has spent over fifty years working in the funeral services industry.  After having opened in excess of twenty funeral homes and locations, David Clark decided that it was time for a change throughout the funeral industry.

 The customer was asking for something different.  With an increase in families choosing cremation over funeral services and an overall downtrend in funeral service revenue, Mr. Clark looked to the Church industry for inspiration.  With the changeover in churches from a more traditional sense to a more "uplifting", "experiential" type of church service, the attendance and volume of people attending church had recently gone through the roof. 

It was this trend that sparked the concept of The Legacy Center Funeral Home. The Legacy Center has changed what we all know funeral homes to be since the beginning of the industry hundreds of years ago.  It started with the facility and the atmosphere - we needed to change the environment and the "feel" of the location.  This was done through a completely new and completely different facility in The Legacy Center. 

When you enter the Legacy Center, you feel like you walked into a nice hotel, or someone's the home foyer.  There are leather couches and chairs around the sitting area, plasma TVs, beautiful wood floors and a reception area.  All of this gives you the feeling that there is no need to feel uncomfortable or "dreary" because you are in a funeral home.  The concept came complete with a dining area, kitchen, and outdoor patio area where guests could sit outside and enjoy the weather. 

The service process was next - it was time to change the way that funeral services were delivered.  The service process was designed to deliver an experience tailored to the lost loved one and the family.  The services were designed to allow people multiple ways to grieve and remember the deceased. 

The change was an immediate success and the funeral services industry will never be the same again. FMS Franchise is working with the Clark Legacy Center to develop a new-age process and approach to the funeral business.

It is with this transition that the Legacy Center Funeral Home Franchise is offered to funeral homeowners and business professionals who see the large and growing opportunity for major and significant transition into a new way of doing business in the Funeral Industry. 

For more information on The Legacy Center Funeral Home Franchise, Contact Us:(800) 610-0292 / [email protected]

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